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Compliance Unit Overview

The Compliance unit of the Commission as established under the Integrity Commission Ordinance has the following functions:

(a) To receive and keep on record all declarations forwarded by persons in public life;

(b) To examine declarations and to request from a person in public life any information or further information relevant to a declaration made, which may assist the Commission in its examination;

(c) To make inquiries and carry out investigations as considered necessary in order to verify or determine the accuracy of a declaration filed under this Ordinance;

(d) To examine the practices and procedures of public bodies in order to facilitate the discovery of corrupt practices, except where there is a statutory duty on any person to perform that function;

(e) To instruct, advise and assist the management of public bodies of any change in practices or procedures which may be necessary to reduce the occurrence of corrupt acts, except where there is a statutory duty on any person to perform that function;

(f) To compile and maintain a Register of Interests.

The broad focus of Compliance is to provide for disclosure of interests including any material factors which could influence any Specified Person in Public Life as per Schedule 1 in performing their public duties. The principal objective and purpose is to ensure that those who are participating in public life do not seek to derive personal advantage from the outcome of their actions. 

To meet this objective, a statutory framework has been put in place to regulate disclosure interests.  The rules are founded on the presumption of integrity but also the recognition that specific measures should also exist to underpin compliance.

The Commission is required to periodically publish guidance and provide advice on compliance to persons covered by these statutory regulations.  Registers are required to be maintained by the Commission and those registers which are open to public inspection can be accessed at specified locations throughout the islands.

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