Integrity Commission



The Integrity Commission of the Turks and Caicos Islands is an independent, anti-corruption Agency which was established by the Integrity Commission Ordinance 2008 and formally inaugurated in May 2010. It is now enshrined in the TCI Constitution as one of the Institutions protecting good governance.


The broad focus of the Compliance Unit is to provide for the disclosure of interests, including any material factors which could influence any Specified Person in Public Life as per Schedule 1 in performing their public duties.
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The Enforcement and Investigations Unit of the Integrity Commission is responsible for the investigation of alleged acts of corruption as outlined in the Integrity Commission Ordinance. Read More

Political Financial Activities

The Political Activities Ordinance which came into force on the 28th August 2012, placed the responsibility for ensuring political parties and candidates comply with their respective legal obligations under the Ordinance with the Integrity Commission.
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Public Education

Public Education is one of the main activities in achieving the primary role and responsibility of the Integrity Commission to promote integrity, honesty and good faith in public life within the Turks and Caicos Islands.
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